A Pokemon fan makes a Pixel Gengar cookie

A Pokemon fan makes a Pixel Gengar cookie

A Pokemon fanatic creates and shares a stunning time-lapse video of his pixel art version of Gengar on top of a cookie.

In a recent fan creation, an artist created a pixel art version of Gengar on top of a cookie. Gengar was introduced in the first generation of Pokemon and even appeared on the original TV show. This time-lapse video brings that Pokémon to life but through an interesting medium.

Pixel art is an art form in which larger images are created from individual pixels. In non-digital artworks of this style, artists use individual squares as building blocks. Gengar, the focus of this post, is a dual-type Ghost and Poison Pokémon best known for its purple coloration.


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This fan art comes from u/doughnutsprinks_1 and shows a brief time lapse of the artist creating one of the spookiest Pokémon in the franchise. To start, they place a grid system on top of a cookie with white icing. This creates dozens of squares that make up the pixels this artist is about to fill. From here, u/doughnutsprinks_1 traces Gengar’s outline with black icing. With the shape laid out, they begin to fill in some of the interior with light purple icing before adding more black lines. These lines form the limbs of the Pokémon and help the artist add depth to the image. In total, three different shades of purple are used to complete the look of the Pokémon. The finishing touches consist of red icing for the eyes and a mixture of white and gray for the creature’s smile.

The key to a creation like this is a mixture of patience and precision. While the time-lapse video proves to be quite satisfying to watch, it doesn’t show how important the original grid system is. Scooping icing to form squares that the artist then fills in is probably the only way to match this creation. Those looking to complete the look will also need to invest in a similar icing color scheme.

While Gengar is a powerful Pokémon from the first generation, getting it was always a challenge. This Pokémon falls into the relatively uncommon category of requiring its previous evolution to be traded in order to evolve. For those players who couldn’t find others to trade with, Gengar remained out of reach in some games.

On the other hand, varying the evolution of Pokemon helps keep that mechanic interesting. Requiring trading also helps encourage players to work together in a game that can be quite lonely. Either way, this cookie serves as an awesome version of one of the Pokemon the most memorable creatures of the first generation.

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