Alex Jones yells ‘I’m done apologizing’ to crying Sandy Hook parents in court

Alex Jones yells ‘I’m done apologizing’ to crying Sandy Hook parents in court

Alex Jones shouted that he was “finished apologizing” for spreading lies that the Sandy Hook massacre was a “hoax” as relatives of some of the victims looked on in court crying.

The courtroom was thrown into chaos on Thursday as the right-wing extremist took the stand in his libel case and refused to acknowledge any responsibility for causing a decade of harassment of victims’ families.

“I’ve already said I’m sorry hundreds of times. And I’m done saying sorry,” she yelled across the courtroom.

The far-right conspiracy theorist, who spent much of the trial mocking the proceedings on his Infowars show, complained that “people think I killed the children.”

The dramatic scene unfolded as Christopher Mattei, a lawyer for the families of the victims, confronted Mr. Jones with the people he accused of being “crisis actors” almost as soon as his children and loved ones were killed.

The jury was shown harrowing footage of Robbie Parker speaking to reporters a day after the 2012 massacre.

Mr. Parker’s six-year-old daughter, Emilie, was one of 26 students and staff members killed in the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

She held back tears as she paid tribute to her little girl who “made the world a better place” by being in it.

“My daughter Emilie would be one of the first to give all her love and support to the victims,” ​​she said.

“Because that was the kind of person she was.”

He told reporters about the last moments he had with Emilie on the morning of the massacre.

After jurors viewed the footage, Mattei pointed to Parker in the courtroom, asking Jones if “Robbie Parker is real.”

The right-wing extremist admitted “yes”, after spending years claiming that the murder victims’ parents were “crisis actors” whose children didn’t even exist.

“For years you put a target on his back, didn’t you? … just like you did with all the parents and loved ones sitting here,” Mr. Mattei said.

Jones denied this and tried to argue that he had not named the family members specifically.

When Mattei told Jones that “these are real people,” the Infowars host launched into a deranged tirade about “liberals” and “Iraqis” before asking if he was “in China.”

“Like all the Iraqis that you liberals killed and loved. You are amazing. You turn emotions on and off however you want, it’s just an ambulance chase,” she ranted.

Mattei told the conspiracy theorist to “show some respect” as family members of victims killed in the 2012 massacre sat in the courtroom to listen to his tirade.

“There are families in court who lost children, sisters, wives, mothers,” Mattei said.

Unmoved by the statement, Mr. Jones lost his temper and went on the defensive, vowing never to apologize again for the pain he has caused and reiterating that he “rightfully” believed his own lies when he first told them.

“Is this a wrestling session, are we in China? I’ve already apologized hundreds of times and I’m done saying I’m sorry. I didn’t generate this, I wasn’t the first person to say it… but I legitimately thought it might have been a setup, so I’m keeping it. And I won’t apologize for it.” He raged.

“I already apologized to the parents over and over again, I am not apologizing to you. I don’t apologize to you.”

As Jones and Mattei argued more and more, Jones’ attorney began yelling “objection” repeatedly over the din.

Judge Barbara Bellis ended by warning both attorneys in a sidebar, before telling Jones to “respect the process” and reminding him that the courtroom is “not his show.”

“This is not a press conference, this is clearly not your show. You have to respect the process,” she told him.

Mattei went on to ask Jones if there will be more mass shootings in the future, to which he again jumped to the defense, suggesting the attorney was accusing him of carrying out an attack.

“Are you saying I’m going to shoot someone? How can I know? Like it’s my fault, people think I killed the kids,” she replied, before acknowledging that “there probably will be.”

Mattei questioned Jones about whether he will continue to spread lies about the victims of future mass shootings.

Jurors were presented with content posted on Infowars just three weeks ago showing that he continues to push the false claim that mass shootings can be staged.

In a poll on the website, viewers were asked “what will be the most likely deep state false flag before the midterms?”.

Among the four multiple-choice answers, the first one read: “mass shooting.”

“Every time the next mass shooting happens, we all know what you’re going to do…You’re already conditioning your audience to be staged,” Mattei said.

“You’re inviting your audience even now that the next person, the next robbie parker, is an actor.”

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