Classic WoW Players: Beware of Brewfest Scammers!

Classic WoW Players: Beware of Brewfest Scammers!

While everyone knows that Classic World of Warcraft is seeing a lot of buzz surrounding the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, also for good reason, there are plenty of reasons to get excited, beer Fest it’s a great opportunity for loot and laughs right now. However, it’s also an opportunity for cheeky folks to try to swindle additional loot from under the noses of their fellow adventurers. Such are the joys of Classic WoW.

But first, what is Brewfest? For those who don’t know, Brewfest is a limited time event of one per year where players can buy some drinks, get hits and get some exclusive rewards. It’s loosely based on the German October festival and features a variety of events and tasks for players to complete if they choose.

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It also has a special boss fight, Corren Darkiron, in Blackrock Depths, which itself can provide some really illustrious loot. These could be powerful trinkets, special toys that allow for a quick transfer to the dungeon, and even two very rare mounts with about a 1% drop rate from Run. With players preparing characters for the next expansion right now, an even larger number of players than usual are jumping in for a chance at some useful glitters in this already bustling activity.

So, to get their hands on this gear, players will form groups of 5 to head to Blackrock Depths (after completing a short chain of mandatory quests that unlocks the boss fight) and take on Corren. Each player needs a daily quest that they can do in the dungeon, which makes them talk to Corren to make him hostile. In a regular group, each player will take turns turning in the quest, triggering the Run fight, and killing the Run, resulting in five consecutive fights and five total loot.

This is where the scammers come in. Since each player has to talk to Corren one after another, the unaware parties can team up with dodgy guys who can pretend they have the mission, roll over the fallen team of the other player’s deliveries. , then feign ignorance or act like you haven’t done a required prerequisite quest to get the journal in the dungeon. In this way, those with incomplete morale can jump from group to group, rolling over the team and robbing players of an additional loot chance.

The reason why they are doing this is clear. While some loot, such as trinkets, are fairly common, it’s the mounts that tempt some into devious practices like sucking up clusters of Run Dungeons. With only a 1% drop chance on two separate mounts, you should be very lucky to get both prizes before the event ends early next month. Sure you could wait, or just crash some parties and try your luck.

The Brewfest Camp in Classic WoW

There is quite a celebration to accompany this event!

It’s annoying, obviously. He leads into this paranoid showdown where five strangers wait for each other to turn in the quest, not knowing if they’re about to miss out on a loot roll. It has led to more and more players forming groups of people they can trust, rather than running content with random strangers. This is fine, of course, and playing with friends is always preferred, but it sucks that it’s due to general mistrust.

However, there are ways around it. Some sensible players have come up with their own ways to spot Brewfest scammers. “Always have everyone pick up the quest and check everyone has it in their quest log when playing, leeches are a pain.” Itunda says through in-game whispers. They held races at Brewfest last year and were more than happy to share their method for weeding out bad actors.

Sovpally, a max-level paladin who has been running groups of Run since Brewfest began, shared a similar strategy with me: “It’s easy to stop. Just get them all to the location and make sure everyone accepts the quest. Check your quest log and if there aren’t 4 other people in it. Don’t do it until then.

So if you’re trying your luck with some boozy rewards this September, be sure to make sure there aren’t any sketchy characters by your side!

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