Ennismore to expand its Hoxton joint venture concept to 12 more hotel brands

Ennismore to expand its Hoxton joint venture concept to 12 more hotel brands

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Fans of lifestyle hotels will be able to mix business with pleasure in many more places in the future, as Ennismore’s “Working From_” brand is destined for the rest of its global portfolio. It is also heavily branded with partner Accor.

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The Ennismore hotel group plans to roll out its “Working From_” operation to all of its remaining hotel brands.

Currently, only two of the group’s The Hoxton properties, located in London and Chicago, operate the co-working spaces that include flexible memberships for open desks and private offices on full floors. But speaking at the Skift Global Forum on Tuesday, founder and co-CEO Sharan Pasricha revealed that he was rolling it out to other Ennismore hotels, including Mondrian, Hyde and Mama Shelter.

“We will take the Working From_ brand, which has historically been linked to The Hoxton, and bring it to all (of our) brands,” he said. “You will find a Working From_ SLS, a Working From_ Mondrian, and what this brand will do is morph into the design ethos of that parent brand.”

Pasricha, who founded Working From_ in 2019, said it had been a “boomerang success”.

“Not only were 850 desks sold in Southwark (London), we have a waiting list of 400 people waiting to join,” he said at the forum, which took place in New York City on September 20-21.

The entrepreneur also believes that the combination of co-working, food and drink, and lifestyle accommodations attracts real estate partners. “Hotel owners like revenue diversification,” Pasricha added. “At our hotel (The Hoxton) in Southwark, 40% of revenue comes from rooms, 30% from F&B and the rest from co-working.”

The move shouldn’t come as a surprise. Ennismore in 2020 joined forces with Accor, which has become one of the most bullish hoteliers when it comes to offering joint work in its portfolio through its Wojo venture.

An Ennismore spokesperson told Skift that it will take the key principles and learnings from its current Working From_ properties and apply them to new developments within other brands within the Ennismore collective.

“We are looking for new opportunities and locations where Working From_ makes sense, including within other brands within the Ennismore collective,” they said.

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A senior American Airlines executive acknowledges the collective buying power of smaller companies when it comes to business travel, particularly companies with fewer than 100 employees.

Speaking at the Skift Global Forum, Vasu Raja, chief commercial officer, noted the reduction in passengers from larger companies flying business class, particularly with the absence of routes in China.

“There are traditional business trips that are not coming back, but there is an increase in package tours,” he said.

In fact, in the last nine months, he said, mixed travel had nearly doubled.

“It’s interesting. When we look at those packages, customers who tend to package are more likely to work at a company where there are 100 or fewer employees,” he added.

“A lot of what aviation has thought about business or schedule-sensitive travel is that we look at Fortune 500 companies and think: this is it. But in reality, there is probably a few trillion dollars in economic output in the US alone from companies of 100 people or less,” Raja said.

His comments mirror other experts who say the corporate travel industry should pay more attention to smaller companies.

“Everyone in the business travel industry has been talking about managed travel for small and medium-sized businesses forever. It has never worked,” Ben Alderman, director of financial, travel and accounting associations, told Skift. “No one has been successful, because they just don’t care enough (travel agencies) if they spend $50,000 or $100,000 a year on travel so they can manage that.”

That looks like it’s going to change a lot sooner rather than later.

10 second corporate travel update

Who and what Skift has covered in the last week: Air India, Expedia, Global Business Travel Association, Google, Hertz, Hong Kong, IHG, JetBlue, Marriott, Singapore.


Placemakr tests the technology with university students

Operator and hospitality platform position marker has been associated with Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia, to provide students with the opportunity to participate in the operation of Placemakr Marymount Ballston, their new 265-room mixed-use property.

It opens in the fall and will be available to students in the new MBA in Hospitality and Innovation track. On-property students also gain access to perks like discounted stays to visit friends and family, optional extra cleaning and laundry services, and access to pet-sitting services.

“This unique partnership with Marymount is extremely exciting for me because it allows us to participate in the formation of some of the future leaders of our industry,” said Jason Fudin, CEO and co-founder of Placemakr. “By providing students with this kind of experience working with blended properties and technology early on, they will leave school with an advantage over their peers and an eye for innovative thinking.”

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