Microsoft Flight Simulator Harrier and San Francisco Airport Get New Screenshots;  Incheon was completed and the city of Belfast announced;  RV-8 launched

Microsoft Flight Simulator Harrier and San Francisco Airport Get New Screenshots; Incheon was completed and the city of Belfast announced; RV-8 launched

Microsoft Flight Simulator developers continue to share new reveals and add-on releases for the popular simulator, and today is no exception.

We start with DC Designs who provided an update on the Harrier and Eurofighter Typhoon, which will now include V-8B, AV-8B+ and GR9 variants.

The Harrier is supposed to launch in early November, while the Typhoon will arrive first in mid to late October.

Work is now coming to an end on the two current projects, the AV-8B Harrier and the Eurofighter Typhoon. Both planes look and fly superbly, so most of my focus now is on detailing and improving what’s already there.

I’m happy to report that the Microsoft Marketplace team outdid themselves and provided me with LOC files for the AV-8B, AV-8B+, and GR9 Harrier variants, so there are now three Harriers included in the bundle (each with the same cabin model). ). I can also confirm that Sim Acoustics has provided me with sound samples and the Harrier’s signature wail is perfect and as loud as you’d expect. All of this means that I only have to do some additional livery textures, the manual and the associated test flight to close the project and submit it for publication. CodenameJack is working on the final coding of the systems before everything is put together.

The Typhoon is pretty much in the same place, with lots of details added this week. The flight modeling is complete, just with liveries and some final code from Jack to finish off the systems. Some more liveries will be added and the manual will be written pretty soon.

There won’t be many more updates to either project as we’re close to launch, with Typhoon likely in mid to late October and Harrier in early November. Once I have the release dates, I’ll share them here as usual.

Terrainy Studios continues with a relevant release. The developer has just released the Van’s Aircraft RV-8.

It is available on SimMarket for $19.50 plus applicable VAT.

  • Accurate flight model developed together with real rv8 pilots
  • Realistic tail drag behavior
  • Fully IFR Compliant Cab
  • GPS options, G430 (Asobo) and GTN650 (PMS50)
  • work circuit breakers
  • Static dynamic/interactive objects
  • Dynamic fuel in fuel tanks with visible level
  • Tablet in cabin for control of static objects
  • In the cabin physical checklist
  • Simulated ice buildup on surfaces and engine
  • 3D adjustable lighting both indoors and outdoors
  • High resolution 4k PBR textures
  • optimal performance
  • Virtual Reality Compatible

Next comes Flightbeam Studios, which released the first images of San Francisco International Airport (KSFO) in the United States.

Turning to Asia, Pacific Island Simulations announced the completion of its Incheon International Airport (RKSI), which serves the South Korean capital of Seoul.

The launch of the airport is “imminent” and below you can see a list of functions and many images.

  • Microsoft default ground textures have been replaced with new orthoimages that reflect the real world of Incheon. The entire Incheon Island covered.
  • Added/removed vegetation (grass and trees) where needed.
  • Realistic coastlines were added using correct blending techniques.
  • Incheon Bridge (the longest bridge in South Korea) was added.
  • Added buildings and skyscrapers in Songdo city/district.
  • Docks, fuel tank farms, and buildings were added in coastal areas near Songdo and Incheon Island.
  • Buildings and skyscrapers were added on Incheon Island and near the airport.
  • Terminal buildings were added, including Terminals 1 and 2, the satellite concourse, and air traffic control towers.
  • Cargo terminals and aircraft parking areas were added.
  • Airport fire stations (airfield south, east and west areas) were added.
  • Added airport catering buildings and service/maintenance buildings.
  • Added grunge work showing tire marks on runways and taxiways.
  • and much more.

UK2000 Scenery announced a new airport, Belfast City (EGAC) in Northern Ireland.

Its launch is very close, as it will be released on September 30. You can check out what you can expect below.

Last but not least, tomorrow (September 24) the Flight Simulation Association will host a live streamed panel on the topic of “Gaming vs. Flight Simulation.”

Sincerely, you’ll be there to try and represent both sides of the issue, along with friends from FSElite and HeliSimmer.

The panel starts at 19:00 Zulu, which translates to noon PDT, 3:00 pm EDT, 8:00 pm BST, or 9:00 pm CEST, depending on where you live.

Below you can read a description of the dashboard and find the integrated live stream ready to watch when you start.

“Today, flight simulation is available on game consoles, low-end PCs, and even mobile devices. With the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator, the hobby of flight simulation has become more accessible and mainstream than ever. Does this mean that we are entering a new “race to the bottom” for the quality of flight simulation plugins? Is it worth developing products for the PC market?

Join some of the community’s biggest media personalities to discuss how the world of flight simulation is changing. The live discussion will also feature a question and answer segment with the audience.”

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If you want to learn more about the game itself, you can read our review which will tell you everything you need to know about the Asobo Studio game.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is available now for Windows 10 and Steam, and Xbox Series X|S.

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