Officials Posted Inflated COVID Numbers in ‘Fact Booster’ Campaign

Officials Posted Inflated COVID Numbers in ‘Fact Booster’ Campaign

The German Ministry of Health issued a correction after publishing inflated numbers on COVID-19 hospitalizations as part of its “data boost” awareness campaign.

The German Federal Ministry of Health issued a correction after publishing an inflated percentage regarding the number of COVID-19 cases resulting in hospitalizations.

The ministry has said the “misleading” information was published due to an “editorial error”, a particularly embarrassing admission considering the body’s minister, Karl Lauterbach, has recently been called into question over his citation of COVID death statistics. in the context of the ongoing German blocking rules justification.

According to a report from Der SpiegelThe German Ministry of Health published a series of advertisements in newspapers and online as part of a campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of COVID-19.

However, an advertisement posted both physically and online as part of this “Fact Booster” awareness campaign reportedly claimed that around 10 per cent of COVID cases result in hospitalisation, a statistic the ministry has since admitted is incorrect.

Instead, the German federal body claims, the announcement should have said that up to 10 percent of cases may result in hospitalization.

What’s more, the ministry reportedly admitted that the figures at the moment are “significantly lower,” with the agency saying the actual number of hospitalizations is between four and five percent of cases.

Der Spiegel reports that the Federal Ministry of Health has now corrected the campaign.

While embarrassing enough on its own, the body’s apparent blunder is only made worse by the fact that German health minister Karl Lauterbach has recently been accused of making misleading claims in relation to national COVID statistics to justify his own Draconian lockdown regime. .

With the country being one of the few nations left in Europe that still has various measures in place, including mask mandates, the left-wing politician has apparently been keen to justify his actions, arguing about social networks that the country would be “sitting like a rabbit in front of a snake” without them.

The politician pointed out that official statistics released by the government’s Robert Koch Institute indicated that COVID resulted in “nearly 100 deaths per day”, before arguing that without the implementation of more lockdown measures last week, the country would be left in a even worse place.

However, the German newspaper BILD has accused the minister of using “the number of corona deaths to promote his pandemic policy”, and that “Lauterbach cannot explain his own corona numbers”.

According to the publication, the statistics Lauterbach has cited make no distinction between the number of people who die with COVID and the number of people who die as a result of the disease.

The publication goes on to state that the Ministry of Health has not provided them with statistics that make the distinction.

“Although Karl Lauterbach advocates for stricter measures with the coronavirus death numbers, his ministry is NOT able to give any response to the BILD (sic) request,” the publication wrote in its article challenging the minister.

BILD he also claims to have seen a letter sent to Lauterbach by the German Hospital Society which reportedly informed the politician that it is not possible for them to create any “complete and differentiated report on deaths from or with Corona”, and that in his instead only “specific studies in selected hospitals” could be presented.

“The German Hospital Society does not know how many of the deceased who are included in the coronavirus death statistics actually died from coronavirus diseases,” the publication continues.

this is not the first time BILD has challenged Lauterbach over statements he has made regarding COVID-19, with the publication previously accusing the official of being privately optimistic about the state of the pandemic while publicly describing the situation as “critical.”

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