Pokemon Fusion Fan Art Combines Chandelure and Charizard

Pokemon Fusion Fan Art Combines Chandelure and Charizard

A Pokemon fanatic combines the designs of Charizard, a Fire/Flying-type, and Chandelure, a Ghost/Fire-type, into one stunning fusion art piece.

While Charizard and Chandelure don’t seem to have much in common design-wise, a talented Pokemon fan has created a piece of fusion art that successfully combines the two Pokémon. Pokemon fusion art is quite popular among the gaming community due to the large number of pocket monsters available to combine, and the number is about to increase even more after the release of scarlet and violet pokemon in a couple of months.

With so many pocket monsters featured throughout the generations of Pokemon games, there is no shortage of creature designs for talented artists to try and combine. Yet despite the crowd Pokemon fusion art on Reddit, this new design combining Charizard and Chandelure managed to stand out. Created by a Reddit user known as HoundoomKaboom, the artist used pixel art for the piece and was able to bring together some of the best parts of both Pokémon’s designs.


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Despite Charizard having a dragon-like appearance and Chandelure literally resembling a chandelier, HoundoomKaboom was still able to make the seemingly disparate designs mesh well. For starters, the Fusion Pokemon’s body kept Charizard’s dragon-like appearance. However, the artist cleverly altered the color palette to reflect Chandelure’s design. For example, the Fusion Pocket Monster had a predominantly black coloration, and its wings and fire had a purple appearance to match the ghostly flames seen in Chandelure’s design. Also, the edges of the Pokémon’s wings received a more ornate look.

By combining the designs of Charizard and Chandelure, some Pokemon Fans on Reddit were reminded pokemon insurgency. This fan game includes Delta Pokemon, and players like MemeGodFusionK thought Delta Charizard from that game resembled the fusion art created by HoundoomKaboom.

It’s worth noting that this Charizard and Chandelure fan art is far from the only fusion done by HoundoomKaboom. In fact, the Reddit user even stated on his profile page that they “love” doing Pokemon fusion art, meaning more impressive pieces of art could follow. Some examples of fan art already done by HoundoomKaboom include one that combines Spiritomb and Minior and another that imagines what Onix and Glalie would look like mixed together.

Interestingly, this fusion art by HoundoomKaboom isn’t the only Charizard news on Reddit. Over the past few weeks, fans have made various creations with this Pokémon, such as one player who created a custom Game Boy Color Charizard. Also, another fan recently showed off a Charizard that they have had for 18 years since fire red pokemon. It will be interesting to see where this popular Pokemon shows up next. Maybe HooundooomKaboom will decide to do even more fusion art by featuring it in the future.

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