Rep. Jamie Raskin mocks Jan. 6 committee to reveal new information about Trump ally Roger Stone

Rep. Jamie Raskin mocks Jan. 6 committee to reveal new information about Trump ally Roger Stone

The Texas Tribune Festival 2022 Face to face with Jamie Raskin The Maryland congressman talks about the January 6 investigation, the fight against extremism and what happens if his party loses control of the US House of Representatives.
U.S. Rep. Jaimie Raskin, Democrat of Maryland, speaks with Robert Costa, CBS News Senior Campaign and Elections Correspondent, at the Texas Tribune Festival on September 23, 2022 in Austin, TX.

Evan L’Roy/The Texas Tribune

As the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the US Capitol enters the final months of its investigation, panel member Maryland Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin joked Friday that the The panel would likely reveal more of its long-standing Trump-related findings. ally Roger Stone.

According to a report in Politico, committee aides traveled to Copenhagen, Denmark, in August to review documentary footage related to Stone. A team of Danish filmmakers followed Stone for more than two years, during a period that included January 6, 2021when Trump supporters violently stormed the Capitol.

“I think there might be some clues coming out of the new information that we got there,” Raskin told CBS News Chief Elections and Campaign Correspondent Robert Costa during an interview at the Texas Tribune Festival in Austin.

The Maryland Democrat and former constitutional law professor identified Stone, along with other Trump allies such as Michael Flynn and Steve Bannon, as someone who “was interacting with the underworld of domestic violence extremists.” When asked how Stone figures into the Jan. 6 story, Raskin replied, “stay tuned,” but told Costa that Stone “saw where things were going.”

The committee subpoenaed Stone for documents and testimony last November. He met with investigators the following month, but he claimed your Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination in any matter.

Raskin’s interview with CBS News came as the committee prepares to reveal more of its findings at its next public hearing on Wednesday. The panel’s chairman, Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Mississippi, told reporters this week that it will likely be the final presentation before the committee focuses on preparing an interim and final report.

Although Raskin declined to “speculate” on Wednesday’s issues, he said he hopes it will present more information on domestic violent extremist groups, an area of ​​the investigation Raskin led, and social media.

Since its last public hearing in July, the panel has focused on “completing the picture,” Raskin said.

Meanwhile, the Justice Department is conducting its own research related to the Jan. 6 riots, issuing subpoenas to several Trump associates in the investigation, multiple sources told CBS News. However, the House committee has not shared transcripts of his depositions and interviews with federal prosecutors.

Raskin said the committee is considering requests for information from the Justice Department on a case-by-case basis. “Our basic assumption is that we want to help the Justice Department do its job and make it easier for them to do it the way any American citizen would want it to,” he said. “At the same time, we do not want information to be released that could be distorted in any way or used against our investigation. So I think those are probably the two main competing concerns, but overwhelmingly, the committee has tried to cooperate. “

Raskin also fielded questions Tuesday about the 2024 presidential election, including whether he would support another run by President Joe Biden. “I mean, I love Joe Biden. I think he is a guy who has invested everything in the fight for democracy and understands it,” Raskin said.

Asked if he himself would consider running in 2024, Raskin said he was “not bloodthirsty for that particular office” before noting his view of Congress as the “preeminent branch of government.”

“I can’t imagine a former constitutional law professor from the very blue state of Maryland being better placed to run and win,” Raskin said. “But if people tell me that it’s really me who should do it, then obviously I would have to watch it because I love America.”

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