Resident Evil Village DLC originally had a different approach

Resident Evil Village DLC originally had a different approach

Resident Evil Village: Gold Edition is due out next month, which comes with the Shadows of Rose DLC, but Capcom says it once had a different plan.

A couple of people at Capcom have said that the Resident Evil Village DLC, “Shadows of Rose” was created by shifting the focus away from a Chris Redfield story. As one of the best horror games of 2021, many have been anticipating new content for the survival title, or at least hoping to hear news about a possible follow-up. However, it is the first one that is currently on the way, which will include some other features.


Capcom is set to release the Gold Edition of the game on October 28. This next release will include Resident Evil Village‘s shades of pink DLC, additional playable characters for Mercenaries mode, and a new third-person perspective that fans have been waiting for. However, it emerged that the titular Rose wasn’t the only focus of the DLC, with ideas in mind for Chris Redfield, the series’ longtime buff hero.

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In a recent interview with Inside, as seen by GamesRadar, Resident Evil Village Director Kento Kinoshita said that they had been working on a concept for a while before settling on Rose’s story. The idea would have involved Chris Redfield “freaking out”, but they eventually switched focus from him to work on “Shadows of Rose”. A “Winters Expansion” was in development shortly after the release of the main game last May. It can’t be said at this time if this shelved plan will come to fruition, but Kinoshita goes on to say that the team wanted to hear from fans, many of whom were “moved by the main story.”

In that same interview, it was revealed that Ethan’s face will not be shown in Resident Evil Village third-person mode, even if the players move the camera. The reason behind this, according to producer Masao Kawada, has to do with the main character being a representation of the player’s ego. If players try to move the camera to see his face, it will apparently re-rotate or change angles.

Fans don’t have to wait long now for RE8DLC of . it has been said that shades of pink will complete Winters’ story, which means the next installment in the long-running survival horror series will likely feature new characters. However, it is too early to say what is to come. Resident Evil 9. While there will almost certainly be a new entry, all fans can do at this stage is speculate and anticipate the arrival of the Gold Edition of Village.

Resident Evil Village It’s out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X, with the Gold Edition coming out on October 28.

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Source: GamesRadar, Inside (translated by Google)

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