Return to Monkey Island Features Neil Druckmann Cameo

Return to Monkey Island Features Neil Druckmann Cameo

Neil Druckmann, creative director of The Last of Us and its sequel, is confirmed to have a voice cameo in Return to Monkey Island.

The developers of Return to Monkey Island appears to have snuck in a secret cameo, with Naughty Dog creative director Neil Druckmann voicing a character. Return to Monkey Island, the new point-and-click adventure game from Lucasfilm Games writer-director Ron Gilbert, is out now. The sequel to the classic. Monkey Island games is full of jokes and references. Gilbert seems to have also taken the opportunity to get revenge on Druckmann for an earlier cameo.

In 2016, Druckmann confirmed in an interview with VentureBeat that he had personally asked one of Naughty Dog’s concept artists to help him put an Easter egg in Uncharted 4. The Easter egg in question was a reference to The secret of monkey island, which Gilbert directed and helped write. The Easter egg was a painting of a young pirate captain labeled “Guy” who was associated with a monkey sigil, a reference to Monkey Islandby Guybrush Threepwood. Nathan Drake even makes a joke about a “second largest tanker,” a joke that was also in The secret of monkey island.


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The love Druckmann and Naughty Dog shared for Monkey Island he clearly stuck with Gilbert, as Druckmann himself has now been confirmed to have a cameo in the new game. A tweet from Duckmann linked an image of a character on Return to Monkey Island that looks like it could be Druckmann. So in Return to Monkey IslandIn the credits, it is confirmed that Duckmann did the voice acting for the game. It seems that Druckmann will live forever as a go back to monkey Island pirate.

Druckmann says of the cameo that he, “I still can’t believe it!” and shared his undying gratitude with Ron Gilbert and others involved in the development of Return to Monkey Island. This is not the first time that Druckmann mentions Return to Monkey Island. He has highly recommended the game since its release and has been raving about it on social media for some time.

There is nothing to read about the situation here. It’s just a fun example of game developers appreciating each other’s work and coming together to make something fun happen. Druckmann made sure that Monkey Island was represented in Uncharted 4‘s pirate story and Gilbert returned the favor by turning Druckmann into a pirate in the new game.

Game development is such a complex process that these kinds of friendly cameos and Easter eggs are difficult to manage. Uncharted 4 could not reference directly Monkey Island due to potential legal issues, so the team must have worked hard not to cross any boundaries. And getting Druckmann to take the time to do some voice work had to be a programming nightmare. But now fans of both Unexplored Y Monkey Island they have something special to smile about as they play each game.

Return to Monkey Island It’s out now on PC and Switch.

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