Rockstar Games Blocks Social Media Responses After Hacking Incident

Rockstar Games Blocks Social Media Responses After Hacking Incident

Grand Theft Auto 6 developer Rockstar Games has blocked responses on social media following the massive attack on the studio earlier in the week.

grand theft auto 6 developer Rockstar Games is blocking responses on Twitter. While the company has not given a reason for this decision, it comes shortly after the massive leak of the upcoming Grand Theft Auto play.

On September 18, an apparent hacker leaked numerous videos, assets, and even part of the code for the upcoming grand theft auto 6. Rockstar Games quickly began extracting the leaked content for copyright reasons and later confirmed that the leaks were genuine.


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Rockstar announced two new cars and a variety of events and changes for grand theft auto online. The developer posted the latest content on Twitter, but took the unusual step of blocking responses. A look at Rockstar’s Twitter history confirms that the company only started doing this after Rockstar Games acknowledged the attack in a statement on Monday. And while a single tweet hardly constitutes a trend, it seems very likely that the two events are related.

In Monday’s statement, Rockstar explained that the studio suffered a network intrusion orchestrated by a third party. Said hacker, believed to be part of the same group that attacked Uber earlier this month, illegally downloaded images showing an early development version for the next grand theft auto 6. While not acknowledged in Rockstar’s official statement, the hacker or hackers also claimed to have access to GTA 5 Y GTA 6source code of . However, there is also no evidence that hackers have released. Rockstar claims that the hack did not affect any of its live service games and that the development of grand theft auto 6 continues as planned.

However, it is still unclear why Rockstar blocked replies to his latest tweet. Responses to the developer’s previous statement on Twitter were overwhelmingly positive, with the majority GTA fans expressing their support for the company. Some even commented that the leaked images of grand theft auto 6 it looked impressive, given its clearly unfinished state. Sure, there were some negative or upset comments, but nothing unusual for a tweet from a major game studio like Rockstar.

However, that’s also not to say that the leaks were completely free of controversy. Some fans criticized the early alpha images, apparently believing it to be indicative of how grand theft auto 6 will handle the launch of the game. This includes some unflattering comparisons to the graphics of Ubisoft’s 2016 game. watchdogs 2. Other criticism seems to come from observers not realizing that the placeholder assets and debug text weren’t actually part of the game’s UI.

grand theft auto 6 is in development.

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