Top Genres Warhammer 40k Games Have Yet To Tackle

Top Genres Warhammer 40k Games Have Yet To Tackle

There’s been a lot of war hammer 40k games over the years. Games Workshop has been very generous with the license, giving many developers the opportunity to make their own version of the influential board game. The end result has been what feels like an endless stream of warhammer fantasy Y war hammer 40k games hit the market, and fans of war games and novelty lore are also bombarded with new releases. war hammer he never rests for long, and has carved out a huge niche for himself in most media because of it.


Even now, there is still war hammer the games close on the horizon. Only the last months of 2022 will be the scene of Warhammer 40,000: Shootas, Blood and Teef for him Guns, Gore and Cannoli developer Rogueside, and Warhammer 40,000: Dark Tidea war hammer 40k to assume Warhammer: Vermintide. At some point, a rogue trader CRPG comes from the consummate Pioneer game developer Owlcat Games and Space Marine fans get a sequel to the 2011 action classic Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine and an old school shooter who calls himself Warhammer 40,000: bolter. The next list alone shows a variety that most game franchises could never dream of. It is surprising that there are still genres that war hammer 40k he hasn’t touched, and there’s always the chance he might.

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sports game

Despite being quite popular blood bowl board games and video games that emerged from warhammer fantasy, war hammer 40k has no equivalent. Some type of blood bowl 40k is waiting to be done, with Space Marines donning oversized metal football uniforms as they charge into battle against a team of Orks. This game could take the turn-based strategic approach that the past blood bowl games yes, but there’s plenty of room in the sports genre for a new arcade-style title like nfl blitz. To have blood bowl‘s characteristic violent football in a fast-paced setting would emphasize its strong comedic aspects and could fuel the creation of a corresponding blood bowl 40k miniature game.

fighting game

With the roster of named characters growing all the time, it feels like a fighting game set in the war hammer 40k universe would be a no-brainer. Recognizable figures like Ultramarine Chapter Master Marneus Calgar, Abaddon the Despoiler, Trazyn the Infinite, Saint Celestine, Warboss Ghazghkull, and Tyranid Old One Eye lend themselves to a dueling format, and that’s just a sampling of potential fighters.

There is also plenty of room for what this would imply, such as war hammer 40k it would work as either a 2D fighting game or a 3D gun-based fighter. The only problem with this idea is finding a suitable developer, as the ideal scenario of NetherRealm Studios or Bandai Namco is not likely. In any case, fans would love to see a war hammer fighting game, so hopefully it will happen one day.

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like souls

Another genre that lends itself well to war hammer 40k the universe is Soulslike. An Eternal Stormcast of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar is practically a divinely backed Chosen Undead, so the equally fantastic 40k the universe should be able to put together something similar. There are a number of characters like Living Saints or Chaos Marines blessed with Ruinous Powers who could justifiably be resurrected over and over again in harsh environments.

Certain factions could field nearly identical units after the last one dies similar to rogue legacy. Not to mention, the science and fantasy world of war hammer 40k lends itself perfectly to setups that might seem ripped straight from Dark souls. A developer looking to try something different might do so as metroid in the form of first-person or 2D platformers, as the Soulslike template can be applied to many types of games.

fly game

A new place that war hammer 40k could easily go is the realm of flying games. This could range from dogfighting to a scrolling shoot-’em-up, but it’s ideal for the space setting of the franchise. Due to how the tabletop game works, air units don’t get as much focus as ground ones, but there are still plenty of starfighters and larger ships to work with. It seems the best way to do it is a little arcade-style scrolling shoot-’em-up in the style of raiden either degree, possibly with a Jump Pack-equipped Space Marine instead of a ship. Although a rail shooter has already been made in the form of Warhammer 40,000: Free BladeSomething like Sin and Punishment where a character could fly around the screen while moving forward would also work. There are many ways to incorporate flight into a war hammer stage, and plenty of room in both dogfight and scrolling shmup spaces for such a project to flourish.

horror game

terror in the war hammer 40k the universe comes naturally. Simply living in it is an exercise in existential terror, with death arriving in an instant from more than a dozen different sources. It’s amazing that a proper war hammer The horror game has not been tried yet. Almost anything in the genre could be done, as long as the player character isn’t overly capable of combat. From Necron Flayed Ones appearing in a remote location, to an invasion by the Tyranids or Chaos Daemons, or even surviving a Warp Storm, war hammer 40k it was made for terror. Whether it takes the form of Alien: Isolation or something with a more indie twist, it seems like the franchise’s foray into horror is just a matter of time.

city ​​builder

There has already been a war hammer 40k 4X game titled Warhammer 40,000: Gladius – Relics of Warbut more could be done with war hammerThe civilizations of . A less combat-focused city builder could involve players settling on a newly discovered planet and creating civilization there. The scale here would be huge, with all forms of military, industry, religion and government potentially spanning the entire planet, with the game taking place over thousands of years. survival items similar to frostpunk it could be phased in as the player’s civilization comes into contact with one of the many hostile Xenos races or suffers from random events. The genre has a lot of potential for licensed games, so I hope another war hammer 40k the title will try one day.

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