Trombone Champ is exploding in popularity on Steam

Trombone Champ is exploding in popularity on Steam

Trombone Champion It’s become a viral hit on streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube, and the developer has confirmed that it’s translating into “high demand.” A musical game involving a trombone and no other instruments may not sound like the kind of title that would go viral in 2023, but that’s exactly what happened. Trombone ChampionDeveloped by indie outfit Holy Wow Studios, it launched last week and has taken the internet by storm.


It’s hard to say exactly where Trombone ChampionThe viral success of began, but the credit belongs entirely to Holy Wow. The studio made sure that streamers on Twitch and YouTube received keys to the bizarre music game, confident that all it would take would be enough eyes on the game for it to become a smash hit. Since then, streamers have played it quite a bit, sharing their favorite clips online and helping by word of mouth to Trombone Champion smeared. It’s taken most of the last week to Trombone Champion to gain strength, but now it has a lot of momentum.

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In a recent tweet thread, Holy Wow outlined exactly what the wave of popularity has meant. According to Holy Wow, game development is “mostly a one person operation” and is not even his main job. It will take some time for Holy Wow to get things in order and “meet the high demand” that Trombone Champion has created.

The request for patience from the Holy Wow community is more than understandable, but it hasn’t meant a pause in post-launch development at all. On Wednesday, Holy Wow issued Trombone Champion‘s v1.03, which is just the latest update to the game, not only addresses a number of technical issues that have cropped up, but also adds an entirely new song to the game. Three updates in less than a week and the developers aren’t even working on the game full time. That is dedication.

Is easy to see why Trombone Champion has gone viral. The game is clever in the way that it allows players to make fun trombone noises, but also keeps players suspiciously close to feeling like they’re making real music. It’s silly, but it’s also very clearly related to the music being played. what it does Trombone Champion as ridiculous as it is easy and fun to play.

As for what comes next Trombone Champion, is an unknown. Holy Wow has a post-launch roadmap that plans game tuning, feature additions, and more songs for the music game, but that roadmap may have changed in the week since launch. Holy Wow could I grow Trombone Champion to some extent, the studio never planned, or work could start on a different and even bigger project. Holy Wow has a huge opportunity ahead of him, and it will be exciting to see what the development team decides to do with his success.

Trombone Champion is now available for PC.

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