Why does Shovel Knight make so many cameos?  “We think it’s fun”

Why does Shovel Knight make so many cameos? “We think it’s fun”

Shovel Knight, the character, made his debut in 2014 in a video game appropriately named Shovel Knight. The game was praised upon its release and is remembered as a well-executed platformer inspired by the NES classics. Since then, the game has received multiple DLC additions and Shovel Knight has appeared in spin-offs such as Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon and more recently the roguelike platformer, Shovel Knight Dig. More impressive, however, is Shovel Knight’s penchant for appearing in games that don’t have his name in the title. Shovel Knight has appeared as himself or been mentioned in at least 33 non-Shovel Knight games. He even received his own Amiibo and a line of children’s toys with Arby’s.

Prior to the release of Shovel Knight Dig, we spoke to Celia Schilling of Yacht Club, who handles licensing and marketing for Shovel Knight, and asked her a simple question: Why is Shovel Knight in so many things that aren’t Shovel Knight? ? “Oh, I don’t know. There are a lot of them,” says Schilling. “We think it’s fun. It’s just that we’ve always envisioned Shovel Knight as an all-encompassing universe. Seeing Shovel Knight in different things, or as Arby’s kids’ food toys, just makes sense for our brand. And it’s hilarious.”